How I Used Author Connect to Increase My List of Subscribers

Title: How I Used Author Connect to Increase My List of Subscribers


I met Micheal Maxwell at an on-line writer’s workshop almost ten years ago. He wrote mysteries. I wrote mysteries. We critiqued each other’s work, watched each other progress in the publishing world, and kept in contact. Now, with many published novels and stories under our belts, we’re again working together to meet new readers and market our books in a new and less traditional way.


Micheal called me to talk about Author Reach. He briefed me on the concept of building a list of subscribers so we would not only sell a book or two to mystery fans the conventional way, but build lasting relationships with readers who liked the characters in our series.


Micheal started the ball rolling by sending a mass email via Author Reach announcing the release of his new book. He got great results. We spoke again and he emphasized how I NEEDED to get logged in with Author Reach.


So, I put myself in gear and did so. Then we arranged for a cross promotion. We added all my email followers to his more extensive list and sent out an “email blast.”  In a week, I gained 766 new subscribers and had as many downloads for my book, A NEW PROSPECT. I was more than pleased with the results. As writers, we’re not in competition; we’re acting as partners by sharing potential fans. The subscribers decide whether they wish to take advantage of what we’re offering—no high pressure, no hassles.


I’m told this concept of subscriber list sharing will soon become a standard feature on Author Reach, called “Author Connect,” where authors not acquainted, but who write in like genres can meet and promote their books together.


Something potential Author Reach members need to know: When it comes to computers, I’m barely a step above clueless. “Don’t worry,” Micheal said. “The guys at Author Reach will help you with all the technical work.” “Yeah,” said I. “I’ve heard that before.”


How did Wayne make out, you ask? Take a look at the profile page I created…with help from Corey Alderin, co-owner of Author Reach. 


I have what’s called a “lead generation page” currently offering my first book, A NEW PROSPECT, for free. You want a free award-winning book? All you have to do is give me your email address (so I can send it) and agree to put your address on my list of subscribers. Easy. The reader wins. And the writer wins. Also shown are my biography and all the books in the Sam Jenkins police mystery series with links to summaries and purchase places. Not bad for a computer dummy. You can’t argue with success.


And during this “beta” period of development, everything is FREE for participating authors. I’m looking forward to more combined promotions, offering free or discounted books for established and new subscribers, and continued mass emails to my fans letting them know exactly what’s going on with Chief Sam Jenkins and all the people at the Prospect Police Department.